The Paulibox concept

Our concept

At the beginning, we wanted to add a four-legged member to our family. Then came the question: How do we safely transport our puppy in the car?

As conscientious drivers, we quickly realized that the options for protecting our little guy in no way correspond with the increasing safety standards of the automobile industry. The results of all published tests, no matter if they were conducted by the German automobile club ADAC, the Swiss automobile club TCS or the renowned American testing institute Center for Pet Safety, were that the safest way to transport your dog was in the boot. Almost all other systems failed with regard to the dog’s safety.

Right from the start, we did not see our pet as “cargo”, as legislators do, but as another passenger whom we wanted to keep as safe possible in the car, just like human passengers.

A team finds a solution

In four years, our small team came up with a completely new method for transporting dogs in cars, disregarding all previous methods. Our starting point was our wish to transport our dogs in the backseat of the safe passenger space.

One of our team members shared their experience with child safety seats. With this in mind, we conducted tests reflecting standards for child safety seats.

The result is not just any carrier but a unique safety concept with anchorings using Isofix points.

An aesthetically appealing dog carrier with high functionality, a special feel and an unbeatably simple usage!

As you can see, we find our work on the Paulibox fulfilling. We love dogs and our human customers are just as important to us! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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