Paulibox – the accessoires

Comfortable liner

The optional liner is a soft padding for the entire resting area in the carrier. Road noises and vibrations are muted and, in the winter, the liner insulates the carrier against the cold.

The liner is made to size for each carrier. An outer fabric, a liner filling and anti-slip material on the underside make up the liner. The anti-slip material ensures your pet can lie down safely during the car ride.

Take a deep breath — the perfect ventilation system

Our new ventilation system keeps the air in constant circulation in the interior of the Paulibox.

In contrast to a fan blowing the air around (dogs are often very sensitive to this), stale air is suctioned out of the carrier via this new system. In summer as in winter, the conditioned air is distributed from the interior of the car into the carrier through the many slits.

The ventilation system has three settings and can be controlled using a switch. The system is powered either directly via a USB connection in the car or a supplied adapter for the car’s cigarette lighter.

An external battery, such as a powerpack, can also be used to power the ventilation system. Installation is simple and suitable for all Pauliboxes and can be retrofitted at any time! The fastening is crash-proof and the fan is very quiet. A second fan can be easily connected in series.

Ratchet set for the boot

Should there be no room in the backseat for your dog, we have a safe alternative: the ratchet set for your boot. This set is equipped with two semi-automatic ratchet belts and ratchet pulleys padded with a neoprene tube, allowing to safely anchor the carrier in the boot with minimal effort.

A level sitting area: the levelling spacer

So your dog won’t be lopsided! A spacer placed underneath the carrier should counteract any slope in seats. In most vehicles, seats have a slope. We recommended placing a levelling spacer underneath the carrier to compensate any slope and to prevent your dog from sliding to any one side. The safety of the belts is not affected.

Additional safety – the second door unit

The second door serves as an emergency exit during transportation in the boot or for exiting and entering the carrier from both sides in the backseat. The bilateral door unit provides extra safety during a rear-end collision when the dog is in the boot. In this scenario, your dog will have no problems accessing the passenger space of the car and exiting the vehicle. Moreover, the second door facilitates entering the carrier in complicated parking situations. The second door is an optional feature for each carrier size and is readily assembled before shipping.

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