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Address Paulibox UG entrepreneurial company (limited liability)

Paulibox UG
Dornbuschweg 3,
97249 Eisingen,

Phone +49 9306 3649
Contact Sönke Sternkopf

Tax identification
Sales tax ID number: DE308900637
Tax payer ID number: 257/135/00766
Managing director: Sönke Sternkopf
Commercial register: Local Court of Wurzburg, HRB 12730

The EU Commission provides an online platform for dispute resolution (“ODR platform”), which, according to information provided by the Commission (as of Jan. 6, 2016), is expected to be accessible from Feb. 15, 2016 via the link If the customer is a consumer resident in the European Union, it is possible to use this platform to settle out of court disputes regarding contractual obligations from online sales contracts.

We are obliged to inform you about the existence of this ODR platform and in this context also about our e-mail address

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